Artists for Charlie

I’m one of a group of artists who’ve donated my work for a great cause.  If you like my Fire Salamanders and would like to help a little boy fight cancer maybe the t-shirt below is just what you’re looking for to complete your current wardrobe? (Click on the t-shirts below.)

Artists for Charlie are providing limited edition t-shirts and other items to help raise funds to pay the medical bills for Charlie Andrews, a little boy with brain cancer.

Charlie (born in 2003) was diagnosed in the summer of 2011 with a low-grade astrocytoma, a form of brain cancer. He had surgery in July of 2011 (the day after diagnosis) to remove a golf-ball sized portion of tumor in his cerebellum. Unfortunately, the tumor originated on the brainstem and the neurosurgeon was unable to remove all of it. Charlie will continue to have several MRIs a year to monitor the residual tumor. He had a little growth in February of 2012, but his next MRI was stable. He is now being followed very closely as any more growth means surgery and/or chemotherapy. We are hoping for the best!For more information about Charlie, visit .

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