Bunny’s Black Apples

The table of contents for the anthology Black Apples by Belladonna Publishing has just been announced.  I’m delighted to be included among the authors, which include O’Henry Award Winner, Karen Heuler and many other outstanding professional and up-and-coming authors. The anthology is scheduled to be published sometime in 2013 . . . in English, Swedish, and Norwegian!

From Belladonna Publishing: Left in the basket of fine black apples are 19 outstanding stories that puts a new spin on old tales, or make up new princesses from scratch. All of the stories are unique, some of them are sassy, some edgy, some sensual and dark, they are spanning a wide range of themes – and none of them have fluffy ponies, singing rodents or rainbows in them…

A Winter Evening – Sarah L Byrne
And Gold in Her Eyes – Maigen Turner
Bluebeard’s Child – Alison Littlewood
Bunny’s Lucky Slipper – Pat R Steiner
– David turnbull
Cloaks and Hoods – Angela Rega
Coyote and the Girl in the Red Dress – Rose Williamson
Deus Ex Machina – Caren Gussoff
Enkesonnen – Alex Petri
Every Heart is Cold Dark Matter – Nadia Bulkin
Everyone Else has Two Eyes – Nicki Vardon
Godmother Death 
– Kate O’Connor
Harsh Beauty –  Martine Helene Svanevik
Scar – Elin Olausson
Sickly Sweet – Ephiny Gale
Snow Child – Molly Pinto Madigan
The Shadow and the Snake – Natalia Theodoridou
Twelve Sisters, Twelve Sisters, Ten – Karen Heuler
Wild Roses – Irene Ferraro-Sives

(My illustration — although initially done for Bunny — has no connection to the anthology. I’m using it as a teaser image until Belladonna releases an official cover. )

Attack of the 12ft Rabid Rutabaga

Attack of the 12ft Rabid Rutabaga


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