(Winning) Finalist Illustrations!

Holy Crap! I won!! I really, actually, honest ta Buddha, won!!!
Cal-i-forn-ya, here I come. . . .

Okay . . . time to be more professional about all this. . . .

Here’s a link to the press release. “It’s a major award!” 

And big time congratulations to the other winners, Fiona Meng and John Haverty. Their art is amazing.   Check it out by clicking on their names. Blows away my own “doodles.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In any case, here’s a look at my finalist-winning entries for the internationally acclaimed Illustrators of the Future Contest. All three were done using drawing pencils–I believe B, 2B, and perhaps the occasional touch of 3B. “Musty” (from Musty Davenport in Purgatory) is the demon who visits Woodstock in my short story, “A Devil of a Time.” Tilting at Martians is an illustration for a comedic scifi novelette of the same name. And Attack of the Rabid 12ft Rutabaga is an illustartion for yet another of my still-looking-for-a-publisher novelettes: “Bunny’s Lucky Slipper.”

Click on an image to enlarge. Please let me know what you think.


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  1. Congratulations Pat! This is awesome! You deserve it .. I am so very, very happy for you! 🙂 Love Lynn

  2. ‘grats, Pat! Well deserved. Your modesty will get you nowhere. 😉

  3. Congrats Pat!

    Tina Smith–gower21 (WOTF board)

  4. Oh I am so happy for you!!! Congrats Pat-love you Tina

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