Conceptual Triptych

Here’s a looksee at the conceptual drawings I did for Jacob Boyd’s coming-of-age-at-the-end-of-the-world story Lost Pine in Writers of the Future vol. 28. I knew from the story (and my finalist’s illustrations) where Art Director, Meliva Koch desired me to go, but I wanted to see if I could stretch myself a bit (plus dust off unused skills) and these were the results. That said, when I did a quick fourth (and fifth) concept sketch that I knew she’d accept, and she did (I’ll put those up on my next post along with the final illustration), I was more than happy to stay within my comfort zone. The final illustration turned out, if not flawless, then within what I’m thinking to call my blossoming style: Steiner’s Zenithvision. As in how those classic scifi and horror movies looked on our old Zenith television (made in Wisconsin!) when I was a kid.

(Click on an image to open gallery.)


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