Writers/Illustrators of the Future Awards Ceremony (The Video)

Here’s a link to the 2012 L. Ron Hubbard Present Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony of which I was privileged to be one of  the winning illustrators. The link will take you to my speech (of course) but please go back to the beginning and enjoy the entire ceremony. It was quite a lavish production and the speeches from my fellow winners are all worth watching as they cover the spectrum of emotions and wit.

Seated left to right: Nick Tchan, Emily Grandin, Axl, Tom Doyle, Mago Huang, Marie Croke, Carly Trowbridge (partially obscured), Fiona Meng, Hunter Bonyun, William Ledbetter’s wife (sorry, I never learned your name), William “Big Bill” Ledbetter, Paul Pederson, John Haverty Jr., Pat Steiner, Meghan Muriel, Meghan Muriel’s husband (sorry, once again I never learned the Major’s name . . . I think its Juan?), and Rhiannon Taylor.


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  1. Yoink, I’m stealing that picture!!!!!

  2. Wow Pat!!! Watched the whole show. Nice speech, you’ve done yourself proud. Interesting range of Artist/Illustrators, Congrats.

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