Chiral Mad Anthology

A reprint of my story “The Shoe Tree” is available in the charity anthology Chiral Mad. Michael Bailey did a wonderful job editing the anthology. All profits go to Down Syndrome charities.

Autumn is the perfect season for reading spooky stories, so why not buy a copy today?!

Available at: Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Introduction by Thomas F. Monteleone

01. White Pills – Ian Shoebridge
02. Lost in a Field of Paper Flowers – Gord Rollo
03. The Perfection of Symmetry – Andrew Hook
04. Some Pictures in an Album – Gary McMahon
05. Five Adjectives – Monica J. O’Rourke
06. Enchanted Combustion – Amanda Ottino
07. There are Embers – Chris Hertz
08. Brighter Her Aura Grows – David Hearn
09. Underwater – Barry Jay Kaplan
10. Experiments in an Isolation Tank – Eric J. Guignard
11. Need – Gary A. Braunbeck
12. Not the Child – Julie Stipes
13. The White Quetzal – Gene O’Neill
14. Mirror Moments – Christian A. Larsen
15. Alderway – Patrick O’Neill
16. Sigil – P. Gardner Goldsmith
17. The Persistence of Vision – Jon Michael Kelley
18. The Bad Season – A.A. Garrison
19. Storm of Lightning – Aaron J. French
20. Inevitable – Meghan Arcuri
21. Send Your End – Patrick Lacey
22. Cubicle Farm – R.B. Payne
23. A Flawed Fantasy – Jeff Strand
24. The Apologies – Erik T. Johnson
25. The Shoe Tree – Pat R. Steiner
26. Gaia Ungaia – John Palisano
27. Amid the Walking Wounded – Jack Ketchum
28. Underwater Ferris Wheel – Michael Bailey


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